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Upper Mustang Trekking

Trip Overview

“Exciting scenic drive with walks around high and picturesque Mustang valley to Lo-Manthang  Adventure around North of Dhaulagiri Himalaya within the high beautiful valley of Upper Mustang From green hill to arid, barren country of the towering canyon and eroded cliffs with varied colors  Journey in an extension of South West Tibetan plateau with mind-blowing views and scenery  Explore traditional Mustang and Thakali villages of colorful Buddhist culture and custom Sweeping flight from Jomsom to picturesque Pokhara valley blessed with natural beauty”.

Upper MustangTrekking a journey of great combination which includes exciting overland drive, scenic short flights and walks facing incredible views of mountain panorama from the start to an end on this fantastic trip with Well Plan Treks lead by our expert guides and staff.

On this Well Plan Upper Mustang Experience we have included walks and drive within high areas of Mustang due to the facility of motor road which started from last few years and nearly complete, as the region touches Tibet Border at Kara-La pass where strong trade between the two countries still exist since past hundreds of centuries on this ancient Trans-Himalayan Salt Trade Route.

Upper Mustang Trekking leads you to fabulous scenic areas in between high colored canyon and towering eroded cliffs reminds you of Gran Canyon of USA, actually, Upper Mustang located on an extension of South West Tibet vast table-land, considered as the world and highest plateau on this planet.

Where our journey leads you to experience colorful culture and traditional life of Mustang people and its traditional life similar to Tibetan across the border of Buddhism religion as well practice ancient pre-Buddhism known as Bon, which exists around Mustang and Dolpo areas of Nepal Far West Himalaya region.

Upper Mustang Experience begins from scenic Pokhara city with the short flight to land at Jomsom town and then heading towards Nepal wild-west country visiting interesting villages of Kagbeni, Gami and Tsarang encountering series of prayer walls and spinning wheels as our journey lead into the walled and former kingdom at Lo-Manthang.

At Lo-Manthang explore its neat paved alley and villages visiting important and impressive monasteries and as well tour of former kings or Raja of Mustang palace, after a wonderful time around Lo-Manthang within the high and Upper Mustang, our adventure leads back to Jomsom for sweeping scenic flight to Pokhara after a glorious time and memorable journey on Upper Mustang Trekking.

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