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Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo Trek

Trip Overview

      “Exciting scenic flights both ways before and after the trek with ever-present Himalayan peaks Adventure to Nepal Far Western Himalaya on least ventured areas by only a few trekkers In the land of Bon the ancient practice of pre-Buddhism sects with impressive villages In the country where elusive and rare Snow-Leopard and blue sheep habitats Amazing scenery of dramatic landscapes from green hills to arid and barren terrain Explore the ancient monastery of Shey Gompa the crystal monastery of great interest Within Nepal largest Shey-Phuksumdo national parks of green dense alpine woodland”

Upper Dolpo Adventure where trekking leads to remote corners of the Far North Himalayan range of mountains into isolated regions of inner and Upper Dolpo areas, where you will be dazzled by the mind-blowing scenery of unique landscapes and high snow-capped peaks.A journey of a lifetime experience following the path of early pioneers which you have read the classic novel ‘Snow Leopard’ by Peter Mattissian an American author who traveled this country in the early 1970s, wrote and described of these amazing areas in his novel which includes unique lifestyle and culture of Dolpo people.

Besides scenic views and scenery walk leads you to visit its time forgotten villages as it was since past hundreds of centuries where people of Dolpo still practice an ancient cult known as Bona pre-Buddhism practice along with present Buddhism religion. This amazing Upper Dolpo Adventure leads you around the country’s largest national park named Shey-Phuksumdo where the walk leads from lovely green vegetation and alpine tree lines to arid and windswept landscapes at scenic areas in Shey Gompa also called the Crystal Monastery.

Truly a journey which satisfies you being away from mainstream trekking trails into the pure wilderness and in the undisturbed country in this magnificent Upper Dolpo Adventure, where it starts with the sweeping flight to land at Jhupal at Dolpo and then heading to beautiful Phuksumdo Lake and over high Kang-la pass to reach our main destination and highlights.After an experience around inner and upper Dolpo, and visiting its nice villages of Ringmo-Saldang-Toku and Dho-Tarap with historical Tarakot village and then back at Dunai the main town of Dolpo to reach at Jhupal for the scenic flight back to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj city airport, with grand and glorious time on Upper Dolpo Adventure.

Short Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu 1,345 m and then transfer to respective Hotels
Day 02: Kathmandu with sightseeing and afternoon fly to Nepalgunj.
Day 03: Fly to Jhupal 2,475 m (40 mins on air) and then drive to Dunai 2,140 m – 02 hrs.
Day 04: Trek to Chhepka 2,838 m – 06 hrs.
Day 05: Trek to Sandra village 2,960m -06 hrs.
Day 06: Trek to Phoksumdo Lake 3,630 m – 06 hours.
Day 07: Rest day at Phoksumdo Lake for the local excursion.
Day 08: Trek to Phokshumdo-Khola 3,750 m- 05 hrs.
Day 09: Trek to Phoksumdo Bhanjyang 4,717 m – 04 hrs.
Day 10: Cross Kang-La 5,350 m and trek to Shey Gompa 4,160 m via -06 hrs.
Day 11: Rest day at Shey Gompa the crystal monastery.
Day 12: Trek to Namgung 4,608 m via Sela (Gela) La 5,094m.
Day 13: Trek to Saldang 3,770 m – 05 hours.
Day 14: Trek to Chagaon 4,910 m – 05 hrs.
Day 15: Trek to Dachau Khola camp at 4,700 m – 06 hrs.
Day 16: Trek and cross Jyanta-La at 5,220 m and walk to Phedi 4,900 m – 06 hrs.
Day 17: Trek to Toku Gaon 4,209 m – 06 hrs.
Day 18: Trek to Dho-Therapy 3, 944 m- 05 hrs.
Day 19: Trek to Ghyamgar 3,759 m – 07 hrs.
Day 20: Trek to Tarap Khola 3,652 via Chhyugar 3,440 m – 06 hours.
Day 21: Trek to Tarakot 2,540 m – 06 hrs.
Day 22: Trek to Dunai – 05 hrs then drive to Jhupal – 02 hr jeep ride.
Day 23: Fly to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj and then transfer to your hotels.
Day 24: the Extra and spare day in Kathmandu as the contingency.
Day 25: International departure for homeward bound or to respective countries.

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