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Patan Lalitpur Tour

Patan Lalitpur Tour

Well, Plan Trekking extends fascinating sightseeing around Patan-Lalitpur Tour offering you great places with world heritage sites within the valley where three interesting cities located Kathmandu-Patan and Bhaktapur.

Patan Lalitpur Tour also knew and popularly called Lalitpur which is a separate district just a mere distance south of Kathmandu divided by the Bagmati River, where a short drive leads through a bridge to enter into Lalitpur city, which means the city of fine arts and crafts which you witness on this marvelous visits in Patan-Lalitpur city.

Mostly populated by native Newar tribes with immense culture and heritage life and traditions as it was since past hundreds of centuries were Hindu and Buddhism religions blends in the harmony of local customs with temples and monasteries next to each other that truly fascinates you on this interesting Patan-Lalitpur Tour.

Patan-Lalitpur Tour of the half-day tour taking a Minimum of 2-3 hours, or for interested people can extend it to another few hours soaking with the local culture of immense interest around its rural farm villages with views of snowcapped peaks towards the north.

For half-day to full days Patan-Lalitpur Tour:

The morning after hearty breakfast, as per the given time our city and tour guide takes you for a short drive south of Kathmandu at a mere distance of less than 3 k.m. to reach Patan or Lalitpur city area, for an exciting historical and heritage tour of old Durbar (royal palace and courtyard) square, of historical importance includes Temple of Lord Krishna with the magnificent statue of Garuda (vehicle of Lord Krishna and Vishnu), tour around an old palace built during the reign of Malla period.

Krishna Temple:
This temple of red stone, dedicated to Hindu Lord Krishna was erected in the 17th century. The temple is considered to be the first one to be constructed in Shikara architecture. Thanks to this attribute, it holds a commanding position in the durbar square. The elegant shikhara-style temple is ranked as one of the gems of Durbar Square. The temple is compared with sacred Mount Meru, which is the abode of the god Shiva according to Hindu scriptures.

Buddhist temple Mahaboudha, which is made of clay bricks, lies to the east of Durbar Square. Hundreds of Buddha images are engraved in the bricks. The temple is known for its fine terra-cotta work.

The five-storied pagoda-style Lord Siva temple was constructed by King Jayasthiti Malla. Inside the temple is a natural spring whose source, is said to be the famous glacial lake of Gosainkunda. The golden work was added later in 1422 A.D. One the festival of Janai Purnima, ritual bathing takes place and a fair is also held.

Jagat Narayan Temple:
Jagat Narayan temple is a tall shikhara-style temple devoted to Lord Vishnu. Red bricks are used for the construction of the temple. The temple also holds a fine metal statue of Garuda, Ganesh, and Hanuman, all related to Hindu religion and mythology.

Rudra Varna Mahavihar:
This Buddhist monastery holds an amazing collection of images and idols in metal, stone, and wood. Legend holds that the Kings in ancient times were crowned in this monastery. Many of the treasures offered by the people can be seen here even today.

The Asoka Stupas:
Indian Emperor Asoka visited Nepal in 250 B.C and constructed four ancient stupas at the four corners of Patan. The four stupas are located in Pulchowk, Lagankhel, Ebahi and in Teta (way to Sano Gaon) respectively.

Extending for a day of another few hours:

Tibetan Refugee Camp:

Visit the Tibetan refugee camp which was established in the early 1970s when Tibetan migrated and escaped from the invasion of China from Tibet and entered Nepal for refuge, here you can witness Tibetan traditions and culture and observe the people with handicrafts work on carpets or rugs.

Patan Industrial State:

Patan or Lalitpur means city fine arts and crafts; here you observe the local artisan in works making metal-stone and wood statue and idols as the well intricate design on furniture where you can see the display of all handicrafts including carpets and Pashmina shawls and other garments and shop as well where you can buy souvenirs of Nepal great art of works.