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Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking

Trip Overview

“Adventure around magnificent Tsum within the Valley of happiness with great scenery Explore high Tsum valley villages of the immense and interesting culture of Buddhism religion Enchanting forest of tall rhododendron-magnolia, oaks, pines, birch to arid and barren country Visiting high impressive villages of great interest offering traditional value of ancient culture From remote high Gorkha areas towards a remote isolated country with grand views of peaks In between massive Ganesh and Manaslu range of peaks with fabulous walks with daily views” 

Tsum Valley Trekking, probably the wildest and exotic destination in all Himalayan region where the journey takes you time forgotten villages hardly ventured and visited by trekkers and explorer at the marvelous country which is a mere distance to Tibet border. Tsum Valley Trekking, a unique adventure into the valley of happiness as the name translated from Tibetan origin language known as ‘Beyul Kyimolung’, certainly a country of charm and grace as walk leads you to explore its isolated villages with similar culture and traditional life of South West Tibet people. Tsum Valley Trekking leads you to unforgettable adventure and long lasting memories away from maddening crowd and world of modern civilization a complete hidden world of its own feels you that you are another planet. Starting this wonderful and exciting journey to Tsum Valley trekking, where the drive from Kathmandu leads you to warmer hills and valley of Gorkha district, the original home of ancient Shah royals who ruled Nepal till last few decades. An interesting drive that ends at Arughat and then following the glacial Buri-Gandaki River upstream for few days on the same trail of Manaslu trek, as walk follows through lovely farm villages of Philm-Jagat and then leaving the main trail for absolute wilderness towards remote Tsum valley hidden between massive Manaslu and Ganesh Himal.
As walk progress heading higher into cooler hills and valley with grand scenery of Manaslu and Ganesh Himal with Shingri peaks, where walk follows towards isolated Mu Gompa on the final and highest spot of the adventure, here with time to visit its monastery of past glory enriched with ancient colorful art and crafts with idols of Buddha and another important saint of Buddhism religion.
After a wonderful and most impressive time around Mu and Rachen Gompa the main monasteries of the area, where walk leads back into low warm land back at Soti-Khola and Arughat for the scenic drive to reach into hustle and bustle busy life of Kathmandu with timeless memories and exciting adventure on Tsum Valley Trekking.

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